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If you decide at any time to go to IGG-Games, heres a walkthrough to get free games, such as Minecraft, Undertale, Skyrim, and more!


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There's over 1,000,000,000 gaming websites, and a lot of them scams. Our personal programmer goes in the firing line, and checks each website individually, and chooses the best ones. there is currently a very small amount, but that will be updated.

The website has been designed to be cross platform, so you can access games anywhere! You can play on many websites at once!

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there is up to 100 gaming websites, and TheEpicGamer collects all of them, and helps you choose which you'd like best!

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Daily updating by our best programmer, to ensure you a great gaming experience. have a great gameday!

TheEpicGamer supports the IGG Games link, and you can get all the games you want for free!

WARNING: Not an actual part of TheEpicGamer, And does support ADs. Download space and beefy computer for better results.

Plentiful games, all day! Safe links to all kinds of gaming websites, including Kongregate, Aurmor Games, Not Dopplar, Ninja Kiwi, and many more!

IGG Games is also connected to TheEpicGamer, HOWEVER, This is a game pirating website, and I added it just for those people i know who just dont care. If ANY problems happen while downloading games, THAT IS NOT OUR FAULT!!!! Yes, we did give the link, BUT YOU CLICKED DOWNLOAD!!! So, if a virus loads, or the game is faulty, it is your decision that put it there, not ours.


Sorry to dissapoint you, but TheEpicGamer in no longer updated. Sorry!

TheEpicGamer has shut down due to a missing programmer. Sorry!

TheEpicGamer has shut down due to a missing programmer. Sorry!

TheEpicGamer has shut down due to a missing programmer. Sorry!